DMK Acu Therm

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The ultimate spot banishing tool.

ACU-THERM is a topical spot gel; which is designed to heat up and soften sebum plugs allowing pores to rid themselves of bacteria. This product also contains Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce contamination and swelling.

ACU-THERM targets and extracts blind pimples and congested acne.

This product has been reformulated for the new hygienic airless pump, which ensures no cross-contamination of bacteria from hands etc. The product will also stay fresh for longer, as the airless pump prevents oxidisation.


  • Apply a thin layer of ACU-THERM after cleansing affected area
  • For added spot banishing powers, apply ACU-THERM on spot for 2 mins, wipe off excess. Follow with ACU-MASQUE on effect area for 20 minutes after.

Size: 5ml

Please note when buying any DMK Skincare product, you must complete a Skincare Consultation before items are despatched. 


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