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All About Chemical Peels 

Add a dermaplane to any chemical peel for £20

Straightforward, effective and proven. Leading dermatologist, Dr Carl Thornfeldt developed the system in the US for all skin types, and it is particularly renowned and effective for treating ageing, sun damaged and blemished skin.

These powerful Epionce peels deploy natural ingredients to deliver maximum effect with minimum disruption to the skin. 

All About Epionce lite peel: Refresh £58

This peel uses 2 main acids for addressing skin concerns which are Malic Acid (30%) and Salicylic Acid (5%). Salicylic acid and Malic acid accelerate cell turnover with less exfoliation than other peels to reveal more beautiful, radiant skin. The peel also contains healing extracts such as willow bark (14.5%) so it’s great if your skin is inflamed. The peel is applied to the skin and is built up throughout your treatment course meaning that a noticeable improvement can be seen throughout your journey.

None/minimal downtime. Ideal for those embarking on their first peel or wanting a skin refresh. 
– Peel aids to relieve;  
– Skin congestion
– Dullness
– Sallowness 
– Improves acne *
– Post acne pigmentation *
*Over a course of 3-6 treatments which you will receive 20% off. 

Suitable for all skin types, even suffers of rosacea or sensitive skin.

All About Epionce Salicylic Corrective Peel £58

This heavier Salicylic (28%/ pH 2.7) peel suited for those with acne or breakouts. This peel is the ultimate spot busting treatment! 

There may be some downtime and skin peeling can be expected for some.

All About Epionce Correct Peel £78

This is a more advanced Heavy peel system and formulated to improve the appearance and texture of the skin by increasing cell turnover. 

This peel helps to improve;
– Affects of skin aging *
– Hyperpigmentation *
– Acne *
– Rosacea *
*Over a course of 3-6 treatments which you will receive 20% off. 

The corrective peel consists of 
Salicylic Acid (28%/ pH 2.7) which is Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties improve skin clarity and texture by cleansing pores; lipophilic properties boosts the penetration of malic acid for optimum cell turnover.

– Willow Bark Extract 6% – Anti-bacterial and comedolytic properties help cleanse pores.
– Onion Bulb Extract 2% – Anti-inflammatory properties calm and soothe the skin. Contains quercetin, which encourages collagen and elastin production.
– Malic Acid (50%/ pH 0.7) – Potent Alpha Hydroxy Acid that encourages cell turnover, hydration and reduces problem bacteria.

There may be some downtime and skin peeling can be expected for some.
Suitable for most skin types pending consultation*

*Lite peel advised first prior to this treatment. 


Enhance your Facial

Add ons 

– High Frequency hair and scalp treatment £10

– Clinicare Mask £10