Virtual Skin Consultation

Virtual Skin Consultation

Just because you’re not local, doesn’t mean I can’t support you in your skincare journey. 

If you’re suffering with your skin or just need help preparing a routine suitable for your skin type, I can help you!

What’s Involved? 

  • When you begin the online skin consultation process, you will receive a thorough online questionnaire. The detail completed in this form allows me to prepare a suitable routine. 
  • Clear make-up free photos are required so that I am able to assess your skin type. 
  • I will recommend products in a full routine that will aim to achieve your goal*
  • Around 3 Bi-Weekly check in’s are carried out to ensure progress is being met. 

With all skincare, it can take many months to see progress. Skincare journeys take time, patience and consistency. 

Cost: £20

*Routines and products may need to be changed in your skincare journey as skincare isn’t a one size fits in. Products recommended may not be suitable and may need to be changed throughout the process. 


Enhance your Facial

Add ons 

– High Frequency hair and scalp treatment £10

– Clinicare Mask £10